Saturday, February 14, 2009


- 1 Rose = Excetional love all concentrated on you
- 2 Roses = Two of us are deeply in love
- 3 Roses = I love you
- 6 Roses = I want to be yours
- 9 Roses = Love each other etenally
- 11 Roses = You are the one I love most in my life
- 24 Roses = Remember fondly every moment
(24 hours cannot forget you)
- 50 Roses = This is 'Regretless Love'
- 56 Roses = My love
- 100 Roses = Harmonious union in a century, remain a devoted couple 'till
ripe-old age
- 101 Roses = No other love but you
- 108 Roses = Please marry me
- 144 Roses = Loving you day and night etenally
- 365 Roses = Thinking of you everyday, love you everday

heeee...apesal lak tetiba ak wat post pasal roses????
korng sume msti tau kn ari ari pe kn....
jgn nk wat tatau plak ek...
ak sekeh kang...

love is love...
it is to make sure that person know that you love him or her...
we all love everyday....
we can show love to our mother, father, sister, brother or maybe 'someone'
heeeee...we do not need a valentine's day to show our love... NK BG ROSES KT AK???


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