Monday, November 24, 2008

(satu) Do you think you're hot? you think im hot????if u think so,so i am..huahuahuahua

(dua) Upload your favourite picture of you!

(tiga) Why do you like that picture.

hik3..nmpk la muke i ni fotogenik ckettt..ley jadik model gtu...muahahaha
malu la...jgn la puji i...hak3

(empat) When is your last time you ate pizza.

klau x silap perkiraan, pd 19/11/2008...mmm..ha..btol3..ade bukti lagik

(lima) The last song you listened to?

Sixth Sense- tanpa

(enam) What are you doing right now beside this?

tgh tggu video jake 2.0 buffer maaaa

(tujuh) What name would you prefer beside yours.

mmm...Qistina...huahahaha...i like that name

(lapan) People I tag.

1. athirahhassan
2. dilaadeela87
3. ceriteradaku
4. Uni
5. Mask

(lapan) Who is number 1?

me friend...

(sembilan) Number 3 is having relationship with?

i dont know la...nnt i tanye yeee

(sepuluh) Say something about number 5.

kwn yg ak slalu duk berkepit kt UMP...muahahaha

(sebelas) How about number 4?

me roomate maa

(dua belas) Who is number 2?

a friend of mine


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