Monday, May 11, 2009

hehe...kenapa ak letak tajuk dengan penuh lengkap sekali ngan konsert ke berapa??
oowhh..sebabnye..i'm not a big fan of akademi fantasia whatsoever lah kn..
but my mother (owhh..pada mase yg same nk ucap happy mothers day lah kt my mother..hehee) and my sister are..
my mother is a big fan of hafiz.. i know why i really like cute guys...
its genetic!!!muhahahaha..i like cute face hafiz too, but i really hate his hair.. my type lah..
ehh...lari tajuk lak..
back to the topic
my point here is i fall in love when i watch af konsert 9
fall in love???
yup!!! fall in love with the contestants..
not 'that' fall in love ok..
fall in love with the voices..

hafiz..i believe i can fly yours and larut

and dont forget to vote!!!


  1. - blue bear - said...
    suka akim!! time akim nyanyi lagu i'm yours tu best kan..
    =cHeM iN Me= said...
    ak pong suke gak time die nyanyi lagu tu
    selammbeeee ajek
    PinKtEddYLurVeR said...
    hahaha.. aku jek ke yg ske aril ni... cutenyer~

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