Friday, January 9, 2009

mm...ever heard about books with that title??????
well...I've heard bout them..somewhere,
but i never read one..
until a few days ago..after finishing class for that day..
i saw this book, named 'Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Letters' on my roommate's desk..
at first, i was just wanted to take a look at it..
well, maybe read a few words..just to know what's inside it that make it one of the bestselling book
but..after reading one of the letters inside,
something inside me said that this book is interesting..
so, i borrowed it from my roommate...
i read it every time i have free time...
well, in this book..the authors, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger published the letters that they received from their readers...
those letters are quite interesting..they(the writers of the letters) actually tell us how their life has changed after reading the books..
even though this book only contain letters from the readers and also from the writers of the stories that's been published in this book, their stories, their success, their way of thanking each other has made me realize that we are not alone..
i cant denied that sometimes..when i face a hard time..i would feel that i'm alone...that im the only one that going through that kind of problem...that nobody understand...
however...after reading this book..i realize that we all face the same problem...its just the way we face and fight for it is different...and sometimes..listen to somebody's stories of what happened to them in some way..can help us to....
A few times...when i was reading this book, i shed tears, realizing that there are a lot more people facing with the same problem that i have and some face more...a lot more than i can ever imagine..


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