Saturday, December 13, 2008

ever watch stephen hawking and the theory of everything on discovery channel???
i watch the documentary today and i am sooo impressed..
i mean...all this while, i do know abbout the black hole in the space
but i never ever even think how it happen and the effect of the black hole to us..
in the documentary today, hawking and friends explain on how the black hole is created and the effect to the universe..
do you know that black hole is actually from a 'dead' stars????
well, i don't..huhu..hawking and friends prove that there are black hole somewhere in the space
and our very own earth also can be a black hole..
when the star is 'dead', the will be an energy in the middle of the star, a very strong energy that will actually compressed the star..what i mean by compressed is the star shrinking..
as for our own earth, when is shrinked, the size could be as small as a tennis ball...
and when it shrinked...the smaller the size, with a lot of energy, then there will be a possibility for it to explode.when it explode, it'll be a massive explosion....on space...amazing is'nt it?????
hawking also proved that in space...when stars move...the space near the star actually bend.
with the theory that the space is actually bending when the star move, he said that actually when earth move around the orbit circling the sun, the earth is actually moving in the bending space...its like when we take a con shape and inside the con, we put a ball as a sun..and the con as the bending space...then, put a coin(as earth) inside the con by rolling it from the top of the coin...
the coin will roll around until it reach the ball inside..when it reach the ball that is perlanggaran...sama cam komet langgar bumi..the different is this time the earth langgar matahari(imagine je la ape yg jadi ye..)...hawking said well of course it'll take billion of years for earth to do that..but, who knows kn...bila perlanggaran tu jadi, the there will be no more earth la think of it...its like kiamat la kn...its just that hawking explain it in a very different way but with the same end..mmm...interesting...
well..for now, hawking is still doing his research on how all the creations of God is created and'll be an interesting topic..

heheh..ak cume cite ape yg ak paham dri dokumentari tu je....mne2 yg tersilap tersalah tu tlongla btolkn ak syorkn..korng tgk la discovery channel


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